Sunday, May 17, 2015


It's 8pm, very bright and chilly outside.  My washing, which the weather forecast told me I could safely put out on the line at tea time, has been blowing and drying in the wind since 5pm. The day has been mostly showery.  There was the odd hour or so gap in rain fall this morning, when at times you could feel there were light tears in the air.  The darkening skies which always arrived, told us that crying clouds were about to rain down.

A thump on the window made us jump just now. A bird has flown into the glass and either knocked itself out or, worse.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rather unsettled day one way or another. Flighty xx

Anonymous said...

Does your washing dry quickly when you put it outside? The air here is so damp that if I put something outside at 5pm it will still be as damp 3 hours later. Penalty of living by the sea!

A rather poetic and peaceful post.

ZACL said...

Yes, weather-wise It was a very unsettled day, Mr F. The thump on the window was also unsettling. You asses it just about right as far as those events are concerned. xxx

ZACL said...

Hi Gilly,

We live close by the sea. I have views of it from my kitchen window, the garden and from the front door. It really is not far away, say ten or twelve minutes walk to the esplanade.

There are days when the humidity levels are not worth the effort of hanging out washing. As we are prone to breezes, winds and worse, they are quite useful for getting things dry, all else being okay. A few washed items came in damp, others were dry-ish. I'd say it was a good outcome. Then the rain returned.

I do check the BBC weather for the day with their Met Office information. that's how I know what the humidity levels are and when there may be a sensible gap for trying to get washing out to dry. It is not a perfect tool, but, it is pretty good. Some days I will check more than once, as weather patterns can alter very quickly. It has been a wet Spring thus far, making it more imperative to plan ahead. It helps to economise just a bit.

Snowbird said...

I think we've all had a little of that unsettling weather for sure! I loved reading of tears in the air and crying clouds, very poetical......I do hope the bird was ok, we've had birds fly into our patio doors and windows and it rarely ends

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

Thank you for your kind comments. As far as I know, There has not been a prone bird, so unless something else occurred, it may only have been a bit stunned. You're right though about the knocks of birds on windows rarely ending well.