Thursday, November 26, 2015


This year it was going to be different, I decided. When the days shorten, with dark mornings and early nights, (it is quite dark by half past four in the afternoon) it is easy to feel like going into hibernation mode: no, I was going to be bright and perky. We still have not arrived at our shortest day, the Winter Solstice brings that.

With little sunshine, it is not easy to be bright and bouncy. I have been looking around me. There is a weariness  visible on people's faces. The town has a Fun Day soon, probably just in time. The Christmas lights, which hopefully will be installed this year, ( you never know if austerity may intervene) do make a huge difference to the long dark evenings. Saturnalia was to the ancients what the brightening seasonal decorations are to us now.  Roll on.....bring 'em on.

The other thing is, with collars up, hoods scarves and hats on, it is not easy to see people greet you with a smile, which we tend to do here. Against the winds, you keep your head down, yet another barrier to not just being cheery but being a receiver of others' friendliness. Apart from SAD syndrome, which, luckily, I am not bothered with, there are all the other diffusions of our subtle happiness connectors, which, ordinarily, you would not think about.

So, how am I faring with my inner bounce. I am working on it. I may even succeed!    
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Anonymous said...

I'm okay unless I'm stuck indoors for more than a couple of days around this time of year. I don't find it quite so bad once we're into the new year as I know that it's then gradually getting lighter. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

Similar thoughts to my own, waiting for time to pass, past the Midwinter point and into imperceptible lightening of days. xxx

Snowbird said...

I know what you mean about wrapping up and powering round with your head down...I do that with the dogs and when someone speaks to me I can barely hear them with my hood up, so's makes smiling etc a little more difficult, but I agree it's worth trying to be brighter, we have to make the most of every day despite the weather. Having said that, it's lashing down here and the dogs want weak the flesh is!xxx

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

It's been lashing it down here as well and we're back to Arctic overtones too. I do wonder how I would fare if I was obliged to be taken for walkies by four legged friends, in all weathers. xxxx