Sunday, December 13, 2015


Blog.Co.UK (BCUK), whose registered offices are in Germany, is completely removing its blogging platform during the day of the 15th December, 2015. It is a very final act. I have never before seen a blogging platform self-destruct out of all existence.  BCUK will be history.     smile emoticon kolobok
Blog UK was an intuitive site to use, a vibrant and supportive social site in its heyday, it was easy to make blog friends who actively shared comments. Its demise, though slow, was really inevitable after it was sold on. The new proprietors gave access to avalanches of spammers.   Inappropriate mails stopped being dealt with.  Lots of genuine bloggers voted with their feet. Many, like me, occasionally posted and kept in contact with favourite BCUK bloggers. Groups of friends kept going. smile emoticon kolobok
Users of BCUK were given lots of warning of the proposed end, as were sister platforms in other parts of the world. At the same time we were given detailed instructions in English on how to export our posts to WordPress (WP) and how to save them.  The instructions would not work for the likes of Blogspot, where I was regularly posting.
The French bloggers also received their instructions in English!   smile emoticon kolobokI spent some time translating the instructions into French with the assistance of Google Translate. My translation was posted on the French site, with lots of grateful thanks.

Exporting blogs to WP was not difficult, though perfect, it was not. I will have to edit through ten years worth of posts. I have given it a rest while I’ve been learning to use WP.  By default WP has become my primary site.  It is a bit complicated and there is a lot of clunky programming.   Bloggers from other countries have found sites elsewhere and find it easier to stay in touch with me on Blogspot.
smile emoticon kolobok
A few blog UK friends decided it was time to say goodbye to blogging.  Some have have connected up on WP. It’s nice because linking up on WP with other people who want to genuinely inter-communicate in words about this and that, and not sell you something, is not easily facilitated with the WP set up. smile emoticon kolobok


Anonymous said...

Yes it's taken me 3 years on WP to get anywhere.There are some very good writers there

K Braithwaite said...

That is me

ZACL said...

Hi Kate,

I thought it was you, recognised your style! I have read some interesting writers on WP, few seem to communicate to anything but their own stuff.

ZACL said...

Wishing you a lovely festive season Kate and a good 2016.

K Braithwaite said...

Thank you.My neighbour has invited me for Xmas Eve.Although I am sad I also feel relief that my burden has gone.I did my best for him...Hoping you have a good year.There are several people you know on WP like Bushka but it is so big it takes ages t get going and also some is so proefeeional it's intimidating.Shimon is there though he's unwell right now with depression or some such.He has a lot of followers... try reading some of those...
No site will be like the old BCUK..alas,K

ZACL said...

Hi Kate,

I am in contact with both Bushka and Shimon, plus others from BCUK.

It would be good to make some new WP contacts, though in the time I have been on WP it has not been as responsive an experience with new people as it was elsewhere. Blogspot has been similar, though not as quite as quiet with inter-communicating.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

zalandeau said... is still open at 20h20

ZACL said...

Oui, j'ai lui vu. Etait aussie ca meme pour le BCUK ier.

J'ai un connection via Blogspot avec ton autre site a Canal fr, mai, quand j'attempter lui accesser, en dit le page n'existe pas. Dite-moi, est il necessaire d'avoir une site de blog sur Canal Fr. pour voir ton opus?

Je tu souhaiter un bonne fete et un annee de paix en 2016

Snowbird said...

It's such a shame that the site is closing, it was such a lovely place to be at one time. I hope everyone found a new home, at least we are still in touch with

ZACL said...

I think those people who wanted to carry on blogging in one way or another, Snowbird, have found other places. It does take a bit of getting used to being a newbie again in another forum and getting to grips with it. A number have drifted happens. As you say, at least we are in touch with quite a few. xx

zalandeau said...

J'ai changé mon blog sur canalblog. Mon nouveau lien :

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year (like in the song)... :)

I wish fewer attacks and more hunting to the terrorists !!!

ZACL said...

Merci bien Zalandeau.

J'ai changee le lien sur mon liste des blogs d'interresse.