Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sat Nav Tyranny

Hmm, I have just remembered why I hate updating my sat nav.  Not only do I have to keep the app open, come what may,  it also takes a hell of a time to download and update. 

This time the download started off  with 27 minutes to go. I looked in on progress regularly.  Then...... ***!!!
The screensaver and sleep mode had kicked in.

  • So - the machine is now set never to go into standby in  any shape or form.
  • "Do not disconnect your device" I am commanded. 
  • At least it did not close down and corrupt the satnav, thank goodness.
  • There are now 37 minutes to go.  Thirty-seven!
  • Where did the extra ten minutes come from and why? Grrrrr...
I'm creeping off, trusting the whole thing does what it should do without continuing intensive care from me.


Snowbird said...

Oh dear.....these apps can be cranky, it's best not to anger them! I haven't tried sat nav yet...I wonder if it's taking you a longer route?xxx

ZACL said...
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ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

The satnav took me to a golf course at night. It was determined I shoul drive through locked gates onto the course. I was equally as determined not to!

The download completed. Ihaven't tested it out yet.