Sunday, November 20, 2016


My surface mail to Canada and America went off in time for the last surface mail posting date in mid October 2016.

The packages would take minimum four weeks and a maximum of five weeks to arrive, said the post office clerk.  

The stated timing was perfect; early slow mailing is economic and in any case, there was plenty of time for slow delivery.  The packages could have taken six weeks to arrive and still been in time.  

Five days after posting, I received my first thank you email for my gift.   It was soon followed up by a second one................ Ships, coach and horses, obviously sprout wings.


zalandeau said...

Ton paquet est-il allé plus vite que prévu ?

ZACL said...

Mes paquets sont arrivee beaucoup plus vite que prevu......come mail d'urgence. :)

keiko amano said...

It took only five days for your mail instead of five weeks? How did it happen? Maybe the post office sent it through air rather than via ship.

I see. You wanted it to be delivered by Xmas and the postal service proved their superior service!

ZACL said...

Hello Keiko,

Unless The Cruise Liner, The Queen Mary broke all sea-crossing records,if indeed any boat was used, there is no doubt in my mind that surface mail was not used to cross the Atlantic.

It is good that everything arrived where it should.