Friday, March 07, 2014


We were expecting a tradesman this morning.  At 08.50 sharp, he phoned to tell us that he would arrive in ten minutes. Two minutes later the man phoned back to let us know he would be a bit later, his wife had phoned and he had to return home. The tradesman started work on our job about an hour later.

"How's your wife?" I asked.
..."It wasn't the wife, it was her plumbing".

With the matter-of-fact way he said it, my imagination took a turn into the musical hall and I stifled a laugh.  Hubby also turned away and 'cleared his throat'.

"At work I only do what I am expert at.... at home," said the man, "it's another story, I do everything.

Time to change the subject.

Customer care was very good, in fact it was highly commendable.


Vincent said...

Very tactful, your hasty retreat and subsequent description of same. Leaving a question best left unanswered.

Coincidentally, we have surrendered our home since Monday to a team of bathroom installers, mainly 2 Poles but the boss is from South Africa, & speaks Afrikaans to his deputy who's also his cousin. Excellent men, in their trade, their cleaning up and their politeness.

Which doesn't alter the fact that till they finish it's their house, not ours. Partly because it's so small, but there's also the WC question. They've left it functioning (disconnected from cistern, bucket flush) but of course they are there all day.

Fortunately we are within walking distance of several very clean public conveniences, and of course we keep a small bucket upstairs.

Anonymous said...

It's lucky that neither of you were drinking a cup of tea as I'm sure that would have had you coughing and spluttering! Flighty xx

Rebb said...

It's funny how our wires can get crossed depending on the directions that our minds take us.

ZACL said...

Hi Vincent,

It sounds like you are coping with the upheaval at home in a very well structured way. It must be a superb help having workmen in who inspire confidence and clean up after themselves. When will you have your home back to yourselves?

As a matter of fact, later, just before he left us, the tradesman did volunteer to say more about the plumbing situation at home. I had a feeling he just needed to talk.

ZACL said...

Mr F,

I, too, am relieved there were no cups of tea to be balanced and no mouthfuls of the same beverage to be contained. I doubt that either would have been successfully managed!


ZACL said...

Hi Rebb,

...Many a true word. Any wires crossing in this instance, would have undoubtedly fizzed.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! A diplomatic response! And what a relief to have somebody reliable with good customer service. Three cheers.

ZACL said...

Hi Gillyk,

I couldn't agree more. It was great customer service.

Snowbird said...

This has put a large grin on my face!xxx

ZACL said...

Delighted... We had a giggle after the man left.